Tuesday 5/14/13

Welcome to Tuesday! Let’s get to re-capping this show…

We started today off by Skype-ing someone who’s been in the news a good deal lately: the ex-English teacher turned model Victoria James. This Floridian lost her job when racy pictures of her surfaced online, as she was supplementing her lowly teacher’s salary by modeling on the side. According to her, this publicity might just be the best thing that’s happened to her, as her career is now just starting to take off, as she takes off her clothes.

Next, we welcomed into the studio comedian Finesse Mitchell, who is promoting a new show on TBS called “Who Gets the Last Laugh?”. That airs tonight at 10/9c so be sure to check that out! Finesse has also been on SNL and is constantly touring and doing stand-up.


After that we brought in our lovely models Bianca, Jade, and Erica to compete in our Coochie Casino, where Kevin, Andrea, and Finesse all fed their horrible gambling addiction and bet on which girls did certain activities. It went back and forth, but the house always wins, and somehow the girls all ended up without even the clothes they walked in with. Let that be a lesson about betting, children.



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