Thursday 5/16/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday, everybody! This weekly holiday helps the world get by, and serves as an early Friday. Who can argue with that?

We kicked off the show today by talking with Mr. Skin! Our old friend talked with us about what’s “good” in the world of TV and Film this week, and there were few surprises (unless you’ve been Unabomber status out in the woods or something): Nurse Jackie and Game of Thrones were the main topics of conversation. One thing that was very out of the ordinary was an artist’s conception of a nude Bea Arthur. So there’s that.

After that, we broke down the news in The Lowell Down. Stories this week included a cop getting stuck up a tree along with a kitten, underwear that hides your crack (how novel), and the continuing saga of the Mars expedition that has to date gotten applications from over 78,000 willful astronauts.

Following that, we had a lovely little Skype-enger Hunt with our cyber girl Kella Dawn. Kella is a brunette now, and did very well in finding small g-strings and ice around her home. Well played, indeed.

Next, we got our thinking caps out and brought in the super sexy Krystin and Samantha to play a round of Hefardy! The categories ranged from Female Body Parts to US Geography, and the ladies tested their knowledge all while bearing their bodies. Don’t ever say they’re a one-trick pony.



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