Friday 5/17/13

Happy Friday, folks! Some of us thought it would never come, but alas, it’s finally the weekend. Let’s wrap this wrap-up up and then we can all be on our merry way, yes?

We started off the show by tooting our own horn. How is that different from any other day, you ask? Well, what we mean to say is that we feel we’ve contributed to the world and made it a better place… by popularizing twerking. But more on that later.

Next we talked to our man on all things Vegas, Robin Leach (of of course). This weekend, Tiger is hosting his “Tiger Jam” (insert joke here), and the Billboard awards are welcoming Prince and Madonna. But all that pales in comparison to the fact that our very own Andrea Lowell will be at a topless pool party as Sapphire! So, now you HAVE to go.

From there we dove right into the week in sex, and boy what a week it was. Apparently a guy in Taiwan cut all of his genitals off during a dispute with his girlfriend, a bee-sex story out of Sweden is fake, and a couple others that just make you scratch your head. This world be crazy, ya’ll.

As many of you may already be painfully aware, the PowerBall just keeps going up and up, and so we thought we’d lend you a hand (metaphorically speaking) in picking out the winning numbers. We had our lovely models Danielle, Chelsie, Woo, and Cody come in and titty pick four separate numbers, and had Andrea round out the last one and the powerball as well. The lucky numbers were 24,30,29,4,59 and the powerball was 17. Good luck! You’ll need it.


Lastly, we played a new fun game here called “Guess That (alleged) Perv,” where we showed four mugshots and everyone guessed which crime matched the face they saw. Can you judge a (innocent until proven guilty) perv by its cover? Apparently you can! to celebrate that fact, and the weekend coming, we had ourselves a little twerk ho-down. You’re welcome.



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