Tuesday 5/21/13

Hey, guys. Welcome to Tuesday. We had a stellar show today, and we’ve got words upon words to prove it.

We started the show off with an upsetting fact: a recent survey has found that 10% of women lie about their breast size! We’ll give you a moment to come to grips with the harsh reality that we exist in… But we decided to dedicate our show today to uncovering the truth! There’s nothing sexier than the naked truth.

But before we do that, we had to say goodbye to some boobs. Don’t worry, though, some NEW ones have taken their place. Destiny, one of our super hot regulars, recently had a boob job, and we said “Boob Voyage” to her old pair with a very tastefully done In Memoriam. But, the sadness quickly turned to celebration when we gave her fresh D’s their very own Boob-tism. We blessed them, named them, and sent them on their merry way. And, lo, it was good.

From there, we welcomed in a man named John, who is a professional polygraph tester for our very own “Lie Detector Breast.” We brought in Lindsey, Annette (who’s our cyber girl of the month), and Destiny as well to participate in an interrogation. We put up a hard line of questioning, and no cop was the good cop.

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