Wednesday 5/22/13

Happy Hump Day, folks. We had a lot of stuff going on in today’s show, so let’s not dawdle.

We kicked off the show by welcoming our Miss June 2013, Audrey Allen into the studio. The 21-year old Colorado resident who shot her spread in Malibu giggled her way through the interview and then moved on to the Playmate Pick Six. We brought in Maria to serve as our number model, and had Audrey pick questions off of her, as she tried to get a perfect score.



From there, we decided that this young lady could use a little bit of advice from a seasoned bunny. It just so happens that we had Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit, in the studio to help her get on the right track to hare-related fame. Charles is also a stand-up comedian and is starting his World Comedy Tour tomorrow, right here in Burbank.


Recently, Charles just had a hot dog at the world-famous Pink’s named after him. So, we brought in our lovely models Krystin, Emily Rose, Valerie, and Maria to build their own Jessica Rabbit inspired hot dogs. Bunnies, Rabbits, and Dogs, Oh My!





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