Thursday 5/23/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday, everybody! Let’s run through today’s show.

We started today off by talking with Mr. Skin, who talked about Game of Thrones (again, we know) and True Blood, which both had some ample nudity this week. Although Heather Graham doesn’t bare all in the new Hangover movie, some others do; but if you really want to see her naked, you could always watch Boogie Nights again.

We introduced our sexy ladies today: Kim, Amber, Sarah, and Erika who entered the Mini Mansion in towels to give us an early Memorial Day treat. We just as soon ushered them out to create their own Sunscreen-i, and we checked in periodically to see how those were coming along.

Next, we welcomed in funny man Orlando Jones, who was in to promote his new web-series “Tainted Love,” which is part live-action, part comic book animation.


Orlando also helped us judge the Sunscreenis when they came back into the studio, and they gave us their best beach sun-safety tips. After voting, we declared Erika our summertime fact queen. Expect more super helpful tips soon!



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