Friday 5/24/13

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s finally here, and we had a brilliant show for you today.

We kicked off the show by talking to our friend Robin Leach. He broke down the things going on this weekend in Sin City, and a busy one it is, with Memorial Day right around the corner. A burlesque show, more DJ’s than you can shake a stick at, and a Michael Jackson hologram? Sounds cray.

This Week in Sex, we had a story about a Craigslist sex party, and a jilted lover taking a chomp out of her man’s junk, but we were interrupted!! Cookie Monster, longtime friend of the show, called in to talk with who he thought was Andrea, but was actually Jaron doing a bad impression. It got a little weird to say the least.

From there, we continued in a segment we like to call “Makin’ Bacon,” where Kevin presents to us a bacon-related giant leap for mankind, and Andrea gave us a sex-related one. We started with the bacon side of things, and talked to a guy from Seattle who makes bacon from pigs who have been fed weed. Insert lame pun about “pot bellied pigs” here. On the sexual side of things, we brought in our smokin’ hot models Gigi, Ruby, and Leia to talk to a glass dildo expert.

To round off the show, and say goodbye for a week, we had to have us a little race. The ladies revved up their dildos and raced across the table. Really exciting stuff, surprisingly. Anyway, we’ll see you guys in June!



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