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Friday 6/28/13

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Happy Friday! Another week gone by, and we sent it off in style.

We started out with another one of our helpful Playboy Service Announcements, this one involving how to avoid VPL… visible panty line. It effects more people than you think.

Following that, we completed our Hand Bras Across America chain! With the help of Jes Marie in Maryland, our coast-to-coast hand-bra chain was linked! In celebration, we decided to premiere our music video later in the show.

jes jes2

Afterwards, we talked to Robin Leach over in the sweltering 120 degree Vegas heat. Michael Jackson and Terry Bradshaw shows are opening up this weekend and both involve singing and dancing. Can’t make this stuff up, people.

In the studio today, we welcomed Alyssa Arce, who is none other than Miss July 2013. This South Carolina native’s first interview was with us, and we took full advantage of that fact. We dove right into the Playmate Pick Six, and had Alyssa pick numbers off of Paula‘s hula hoop as they spun by.

alyssa1 alyssa hula

Finally, we welcomed in Kat and Krysten to join Paula in our salute to America with the debut of our Hand Bras Across America video! From C cup to shining C Cup, ladies locked arms and held breasts in a show of nationalistic pride like none other. But what USA celebration would be complete without a Hot Dog Fitting contest?? Forget the eating, we wanted to see how many hot dogs each lady could fit inside her mouth! It was hard to tell who won. No seriously. We don’t know.

prefitting fitting




We’re off next week! But we’ll be back with brand new shows in two, and hope to see ya then.


Thursday 6/27/13

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It’s Thirsty Thursday! That means, if you drink enough right now, the weekend is only a day away.

We kicked off the show today by talking to Mr. Skin! Skin had some doozies for us this week, including a couple celebs topless in public (one of them is Kate Upton on a horse, for real). He also gave hope out there to anyone in their fifties who still wants a rockin’ bod; it can be done!

From there, we continued in our Hand Bras Across America week, welcoming in Florida by having a Skype date with Rebecca Lynn. She gave us YET ANOTHER version of the hand bra. We didn’t know hands could be so versatile. Don’t forget to tweet @PBMorningShow with your pics and use the hashtag #HandBrasUSA. We only have one more day left to link this chain.



As the Supreme Court recently ruled that gay marriage is not unconstitutional, and with the reversal of Prop 8 here in California, we decided to have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned lesbian wedding. We wanted to bring together in holy matrimony the lovely Leia and Ruby, who are old pros on this show. Along with flower girls Cody and Brooke, they walked down the aisle and were joined by Chris Robinson (who you may recognize from such marriages as Hugh Hefner, Hef’s Brother, Kendra Wilkinson, Scott Baio, the list goes on…). After some brief marriage counseling from Kevin and Andrea, the ceremony went off without a hitch.


But! No wedding is complete without a bedding, as our good friends in Westeros like to say, so we saw the ladies off with the traditional chant of “Lick that hole!” and they both lived lesbian-y ever after.


ladies ladiesminister after

Wednesday 6/26/13

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Happy  Hump Day! Middle of the week, it’s all downhill from here.

We started the show today by talking about Moose Orgies. I feel like that needs no clarification, so I will not offer any. Moose Orgies.

From there, we gave you another one of our Playboy Service Announcements, involving eggs and their relation (metaphorically) to your brain. We’ve seen that somewhere before…

After that, we continued with our #HandBrasUSA campaign (tweet us your pics @PBMorningShow), by welcoming Lauren Li from the state of Washington to add to our hand-bra daisy-chain. She gave us her own version of the push-up hand-bra and we added it to our growing list of possible styles.

handbra handbra2

Then, we jumped into the Lowell Down, where an expensive fur coat made of human chest hair is on the market. You know somewhere, one person is definitely like, “FINALLY!” Aside from that, we also heard about the Breaking Bad Beer, and other fascinating things from this crazy world of ours.

In the Mini Mansion today, we welcomed Flip Orley, who is a comedian and hypnotist, and is promoting shows this weekend and Flappers in both Claremont and Burbank. We then ushered in the unknowing Krissy, Amber, and Wendy to be put under his spell for a game we like to call…


HYPNOTITS! The ladies we put into a deep slumber and fell for a prank orchestrated by our own Kevin Klein…




Tuesday 6/25/13

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to this week’s Tuesday. Sorta like last week’s but later. Droppin’ wisdom bombs all up in here.

We started the show today by reminding you to keep on sending in your hand bras for Hand Bras Across America! So far, Texas, Illinois, and here in California are represented, and we need to link the chain. So take a picture of your hand bra, and tweet it to @PBMorningShow, using the hashtag #HandBrasUSA. (Also, we still need your intros, so tweet us those as well).


In order to officially welcome Texas into the hand bra chain, we said hello via Skype to Cybergirl of the Year, Jennifer Vaughn. She not only gave us a hand bra demonstration, but a hand thong as well! Two for one.


After that, we welcomed in Oliver Cooper, of “Project X” fame to talk about his upcoming projects and about that one little incident where he got blacklisted from the Playboy Mansion. Oops.


We then played a little game with Oliver we like to call “Tennis or Pennis?” (we vied for rhyme over mispronunciation, but you get the picture). We heard guttural grunts from women and then guessed whether it was from a tennis star… or a porn star. Try this game at home! Turn on a tennis game and close your eyes. IT’S THAT EASY.

To round out the hour, we welcomed in the lovely Kat to play a game of Tennis Skirt Fandemonium, where she tried to define tennis terms, and faced the wrath of an industrial-sized fan if she answered incorrectly.

kat after

Monday 6/24/13

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Happy Monday, folks! Let’s get down to recapping this here show…

We kicked off the show by discussing Andrea’s recent trip to New York and all of the debauchery that came with it. When you have sunglasses on in a club at 6am… it means you did it right.

From there, we looked at another Playboy Service Announcement, that reminded you to stop, drop, and roll, whenever you have hot girls around. Speaking of blowing, summer is finally here and if you want to keep your A/C bills down, just have your hot friends blow on you to keep you cool. We’ve got blowing on the mind, apparently.

After that, we dove into Good Naked/Bad Naked, and heard stories involving a naked lost spiritual hiker, people dressing up as genitalia on the street, and webcam peeping toms. Be naked, but be responsible too.

This just in! We are starting a new trend that all of America can get behind… or in front of, rather. We are recreating Hands Across America with the much sexier “Hand Bras Across America!” We’re asking you to do as our lovely models Danielle, Chelsie, Jennie, and Katie did… rock your hand bras!




Send in your pics to @PBMorningShow and use the hashtag #HandBrasUSA and YOU could be on our show. Also, don’t forget to keep on sending in your intros to the same twitter account, using links from tumblr or dailymotion.


To get into the spirit, we had a Playboy model by the name of Kella Dawn all the way out in Illinois demonstrate the very special heart-hand-bra. We celebrate creativity, so get to it!


Friday 6/21/13

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Happy Friday, everybody! The weekend is almost upon us, and we won’t get in your way (very much).

We had a special guest host today, Simone! Andrea’s jet-setting off to New York for a bachelorette party (lucky), and we were glad Simone could step up to the plate.

We started the show with a call from another Brit, Robin Leach, who gave us the dish on all things Vegas. The Electric Daisy Carnival is this weekend, and also a production of the drag queen musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

We also did a little something extra for the community today, with a Playboy Service Announcement about staying hydrated during sex.

From there, we welcomed in Jamie Kaler and Michael Bunin who have a stand-up show at the Hollywood Improv this saturday. They helped us play “Guess That Alleged Perv” and even they were surprised at who did what.

We also had the beautiful Lindsey come into the studio and get coached by these funnymen on how to tell a good joke.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday 6/20/13

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Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks. Don’t drink and drive, and also don’t drink and dive…

We kicked off the show today by talking to Mr. Skin. Skin had some doozies for us this week over on premium cable, with shows like Dexter and True Blood, and also some topless Cancun paparazzi shots. All from the comfort of your home!

From there, we checked our lovely Fe-mail and had a special early visit from our Summer Goddess! Don’t forget, the first day of summer starts tomorrow! Yay!

After that, we talked on the phone with the beautiful Vanessa Ferlito, who talked to us all things Graceland, and about her supermodel past.

We also checked in with a segment we’re lovingly calling “Tasty Tweets,” where hot chicks read tweets from not-so-hot people.

Finally! We welcomed into the Mini Mansion today Chuy Bravo and Erik Rivera, who are promoting their comedy tour that starts in July. Chuy also dished on Chelsea Lately and how he got his start as the world’s first Latino talk show sidekick.



We decided, since Chuy was on the TV show “Splash” (where celebrities dove off of a high dive), that we would have our own version where the smokin’ Gigi, Erika, and Chloe came in and dove off our trampoline diving board and into our pool of balloons!


That’s close enough, right? Also stay tuned for the results of our “Chuy 100” race…


Wednesday 6/19/13

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It’s hump day! You know what that means… wait, what does it mean again? OH YEAH!

Today we kicked off the show by giving you another “Playboy Morning Show: Thing You Should Know.” We put the T’n’A into PSA’s. Which…doesn’t make that much sense BUT we did it anyway. At least it all rhymes.

We then celebrated a few new “Skin-ventions,” like the anti-getting-hit-on stockings that look like leg hair. We can imagine that would work well most places and have the opposite effect in a few others.

Next, we welcomed in Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, to talk about the new documentary he produced entitled “How to Make Money Selling Drugs.” It’s got everything about the drug game and it’s all straight-shooting. We also got his opinion on the new Entourage movie that is rumored to be in the works.


After that, we welcomed in Samantha, Destiny, Tania, and Lisa to play the longest-running naked game show in the universe: Know it or Show it. The girls had to pick from the categories of drugs, safe sex, and HBO, and ended up losing their clothes in the process. Who needs HBO?




Tuesday 6/18/13

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Hello folks! Happy Topless Tuesday. Let’s get right down to the recap, shalllll we?

We kicked off the show by checking in with Playboy Robot about our ongoing contest, which you should totally enter! Upload an intro to dailymotion or tumblr and then tweet it to us at Playboy Morning Show! Go nuts (literally)!

We then began talking about the recent Miss Utah question gaffe during the Miss USA pageant over the weekend. We wanted to prove that women can be both pretty and smart, so we gave our lovely ladies a chance to answer the question that she bumbled over. We welcomed in Taylor, Hanna, Jenni, and Nicole to see what it meant to our society that women are breadwinners in 40% of households yet many still make less than men in the same fields. Their answers were LEAGUES better than what we saw at the pageant, to say the least.

From there, we let each girl pick a piece of un-assembled furniture (based on their answers) and then they had the rest of the show to “Build Your Own Photoshoot,” where they’d be posing with their completed products.


We then checked out our new segment we’re calling “Tasty Tweets,” where hot girls read tweets from not-so-hot people. We’re just doing our part.

The girls finished their wonderful Swedish furniture so quickly that we leaped right into the photoshoot with Andrea taking pictures of the girls with their furniture. How do you think they turned out?






We decided that Jenni was the winner, and she received the orange vest of a true construction champion.



Monday 6/17/13

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Good Morning, everyone!

Today we discussed a variety of Good Naked and Bad Naked stories. Then we heard another long and rather creepy voicemail from the one and only Cookie Monster. According to Cookie Monster, Andrea is STILL  his wife. We wrapped up the show with Weekend Confession from our three lovely Playboy Models, Woo, Chrystal and Kim!


photo 2

photo 5