Monday 6/3/13

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another great week here at the Playboy Morning Show. We’re back from our own little “vacay” and can’t wait to get back to bringing you the best naked show in the world.

We started off the show today by going through the Week Off Orgasm Report, where Kevin guessed a whopping seven across ten days for Andrea, and was pleasantly surprised about the pleasuring statistics.

From there, we moved on to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories where a leprechaun-looking man hid nude in a dryer, and a man broke into someone’s house and brandished more than one weapon. It wasn’t a good week for naked and entering.

After that, it was time for our 3rd annual Playboy Morning Show Spelling Bee, C’s, and Double D’s. Anything with a name that long has to be prestigious. For this awesome event, we welcomed in the smokin’ hot Hannah, Woo, and Molly to represent their different breast sizes in the Bee.




In rounds as varied as painting, orgasming, and spelling with phallic-shaped veggies in their mouths. And yes, “phallic” was one of the words. After three rounds of competition, Molly, our Double D representative came out on top and has proved the age old rule of “smaller boobs, bigger brain” null and void.




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