Wednesday 6/5/13

We made it to hump day, everybody! Fantastic. Let’s get through the show and keep pushing for the weekend.

We started off our wonderful little show today by reminding everyone that not only are we available to watch on Playboy TV, we are also streaming (live at 9am PST) at! So don’t forget to check us out wherever you can.

But on to the show! Today we welcomed in the gorgeous Lindsey, Chelsea, and Krystin into the Mini Mansion and got to know them a little bit better. This information helped us ask questions of sexual dysfunction expert, Dr. Irwin Goldstein. Anything from too many orgasms to none at all? He’s your guy. Kevin, Andrea, and the girls asked Dr. Goldstein any prevalent questions they had, and he answered them with gusto. Well done, Doc.

From there, we said goodbye to the good doctor and hello to “Know It or Show It,” the world’s longest-running naked game show. Today, we did it triple-team style, and every wrong answer meant that three articles of clothing were tragically cast aside. Acronyms, Hockey and Basketball, and Weddings were all on the docket today against the ladies, and let’s just say… it ended in a lot of exposed skin.


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