Friday 6/7/13

Happy Friday, everybody! The weekend’s almost here, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already got one and a half feet out the door.

We started today’s show off by checking out the new Tropical Storm Andrea, that is making landfall in Florida right now. There are more connections than you’d think, and we checked some of them out throughout the show.

From there, we introduced our three lovely ladies: Molly, Gigi, and Katie, who would be taking place in a little Ice-capade action later in the show. We interviewed them and checked to see just how akin to the cold they are.


Then, we moved to the phone to talk to MMA superstar John Fitch, and talked about his upcoming fight in Vegas.

After that, we started with the Week in Sex, where we ran through what went on in our crazy, sexual world, and ended it by talking to porn star Taylor Stevens, who uses her porn powers to distract members of hockey teams in order to help the Kings win. Well, played Taylor… well played.


Finally, we got into our “ICY HOTTIES” segment, where the girls participated in the snow-cones and ice luge and saw just how cool it could get this summer.



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