Monday 6/10/13

Happy Monday! Let’s get down to brass tacks, eh?

We kicked off the show today by celebrating our dads! We’re Sex-ify-ing Your Dad’s Ties all this week, so send us in a tie that you think could use a little “jazzing up.”

From there, we checked in with our very own sun goddess for our ongoing summer edition of “Just the Tip,” and then dove headfirst into Good Naked/Bad Naked. We heard about a girl who went back to her high school and took some naked pictures (see: good naked) and we actually got her on the phone to talk about what exactly she was trying to accomplish.

We then welcomed to the Mini Mansion Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue fame, who happens to be throwing a huge bar/nightclub/dayclub extravaganza in Las Vegas in July called “On The Rocks.” In his own words, it’s “spring break for adults.”



Paula, Taylor, Charlotte, and Kat (see: hot ladies) came into the studio next, and we figured that since Jon was here, we’d play a round of what we like to call “Bar Games Rescue,” where beautiful women play sexy versions of things like Rear Pong, Flippy Cups, and Dizzy Bat. Our versions are decidedly better.






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