Tuesday 6/11/13

It’s Tuesday, and since the weather is finally warming up all over the country, we decided that it’s time we brought back Topless Tuesdays!

We started this inaugural Topless Tuesday by Sexify-ing another dad’s tie. Ties look so much better when they’re used as boob-belts… or not at all.

After that, we checked in with another “Just the Tip” for Summer from our sun goddess, Erika. Topless Tuesday rolled on with a call from Cookie Monster, based on voicemails he left yesterday when no one was here.

From there we moved on to a sexy Skype-enger hunt with cyber girl Kerry Lynn. We had her run all around her sister’s place searching for lingerie and fighting Muay-Thai style.


We also introduced a little contest we’ll be holding: you can submit your own Morning Show intros online to our twitter account, and if we like it enough, we’ll put it on the show! You might even have the chance to walk away with some sick Playboy swag, so get to filming!

Finally, we brought in our buxom ladies who entered topless! No need to fuss about with those straps and hooks and locks, just glorious female form. Maria, Jenni, Amber, and Wendy all came in and played a quick round of Topless Truth or Dare. Only Amber was brave enough to venture a dare, and for that, we thank her.



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