Wednesday 6/12/13

Happy Hump day, loyal listeners! We have a MAGICAL* show for you today, so let’s get to it.

We kicked off the show today by fielding some calls from concerned fans of the show who think that Andrea better be cautious around her pretend-husband, Cookie Monster. But isn’t undying admiration something spouses are supposed to shower upon their loves? Sometimes the world just doesn’t make sense.

We then continued in two ongoing summer specials we have here on the show, Sexifying Your Dad’s Tie, and our Summer “Just the Tip” with Erika. Both went about as nude as expected.

From there, we introduced our guests for the morning, Chris Korn and Crow Garrett, two fabulous sleight-of-hand artists (see: magician), who are joining us to show off some of their magical pizzaz. We talked with them for a moment and then brought in our four gorgeous models Leia, Ruby, Emily, and Miranda. The magicians each tried to impress them, and then the girls tried to impress our magic men right back. Three ladies then paired off to learn a quick trick from each magician to see if “A Chick Can Do A Trick.”


In the meantime, we had Emily stick around and read us some of our “Fe-Mail,” e-mails from fans like you with pertinent questions that needed answering from our wise hosts.

It was indeed quick, but after everyone returned to the studio, we saw the ladies attempt what they learned, and they did a fantastic job! If you didn’t believe in magic before, you should now.





*I will never apologize for making this joke

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