Thursday 6/13/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks! Let’s get hammered later, k?

We started out the show today by checking out what the NSA spying program has from Andrea’s phone! It’s a gold mine of nudity, seriously.

We also talked on the phone with Mr. Skin (as we do every Thursday), and he had a lot of naked bombs to drop on us this week. Game of Thrones won’t be on for another nine months, so we’ll have to say goodbye to many sets of wonderful breasts. An old film from the thirties features a previously undiscovered Gretta Garbo nip slip! And finally, check out Mr. Skin’s website to check out his 69 weirdest movie nudity scenes. If the first few are any indication, it’s gonna be a trip and a half. We will still miss Game of Thrones the most, though.


From there, we talked on the phone with jilted Playboy Robot, who was none too happy about being bumped from the show yesterday. So, do as the robot says and send us your intro on our twitter feed, and you could be on TV! Your mom will be so proud.

We also Sex-i-fied another dad’s tie, and got a summer straw slurping tip from our sun goddess, Erika.

Our guest today was none other than B-Real, the famous rapper from the group Cypress Hill, to talk about their upcoming tour with 311 and his television station


We also brought in 4 sexy ladies by the names of Canon, Dani, Jade, and Lindsey to play a game we like to call “B-Real… or Be Fake?” In this game, we had these four lovely ladies get in varying degrees of nudity and guess which breasts were all natural, and which were “enhanced.” In the end, they were all enhanced! And there’s nothing wrong with that.






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