Wednesday 6/19/13

It’s hump day! You know what that means… wait, what does it mean again? OH YEAH!

Today we kicked off the show by giving you another “Playboy Morning Show: Thing You Should Know.” We put the T’n’A into PSA’s. Which…doesn’t make that much sense BUT we did it anyway. At least it all rhymes.

We then celebrated a few new “Skin-ventions,” like the anti-getting-hit-on stockings that look like leg hair. We can imagine that would work well most places and have the opposite effect in a few others.

Next, we welcomed in Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, to talk about the new documentary he produced entitled “How to Make Money Selling Drugs.” It’s got everything about the drug game and it’s all straight-shooting. We also got his opinion on the new Entourage movie that is rumored to be in the works.


After that, we welcomed in Samantha, Destiny, Tania, and Lisa to play the longest-running naked game show in the universe: Know it or Show it. The girls had to pick from the categories of drugs, safe sex, and HBO, and ended up losing their clothes in the process. Who needs HBO?




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