Monday 6/24/13

Happy Monday, folks! Let’s get down to recapping this here show…

We kicked off the show by discussing Andrea’s recent trip to New York and all of the debauchery that came with it. When you have sunglasses on in a club at 6am… it means you did it right.

From there, we looked at another Playboy Service Announcement, that reminded you to stop, drop, and roll, whenever you have hot girls around. Speaking of blowing, summer is finally here and if you want to keep your A/C bills down, just have your hot friends blow on you to keep you cool. We’ve got blowing on the mind, apparently.

After that, we dove into Good Naked/Bad Naked, and heard stories involving a naked lost spiritual hiker, people dressing up as genitalia on the street, and webcam peeping toms. Be naked, but be responsible too.

This just in! We are starting a new trend that all of America can get behind… or in front of, rather. We are recreating Hands Across America with the much sexier “Hand Bras Across America!” We’re asking you to do as our lovely models Danielle, Chelsie, Jennie, and Katie did… rock your hand bras!




Send in your pics to @PBMorningShow and use the hashtag #HandBrasUSA and YOU could be on our show. Also, don’t forget to keep on sending in your intros to the same twitter account, using links from tumblr or dailymotion.


To get into the spirit, we had a Playboy model by the name of Kella Dawn all the way out in Illinois demonstrate the very special heart-hand-bra. We celebrate creativity, so get to it!


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