Tuesday 6/25/13

Hello, everybody. Welcome to this week’s Tuesday. Sorta like last week’s but later. Droppin’ wisdom bombs all up in here.

We started the show today by reminding you to keep on sending in your hand bras for Hand Bras Across America! So far, Texas, Illinois, and here in California are represented, and we need to link the chain. So take a picture of your hand bra, and tweet it to @PBMorningShow, using the hashtag #HandBrasUSA. (Also, we still need your intros, so tweet us those as well).


In order to officially welcome Texas into the hand bra chain, we said hello via Skype to Cybergirl of the Year, Jennifer Vaughn. She not only gave us a hand bra demonstration, but a hand thong as well! Two for one.


After that, we welcomed in Oliver Cooper, of “Project X” fame to talk about his upcoming projects and about that one little incident where he got blacklisted from the Playboy Mansion. Oops.


We then played a little game with Oliver we like to call “Tennis or Pennis?” (we vied for rhyme over mispronunciation, but you get the picture). We heard guttural grunts from women and then guessed whether it was from a tennis star… or a porn star. Try this game at home! Turn on a tennis game and close your eyes. IT’S THAT EASY.

To round out the hour, we welcomed in the lovely Kat to play a game of Tennis Skirt Fandemonium, where she tried to define tennis terms, and faced the wrath of an industrial-sized fan if she answered incorrectly.

kat after

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