Wednesday 6/26/13

Happy  Hump Day! Middle of the week, it’s all downhill from here.

We started the show today by talking about Moose Orgies. I feel like that needs no clarification, so I will not offer any. Moose Orgies.

From there, we gave you another one of our Playboy Service Announcements, involving eggs and their relation (metaphorically) to your brain. We’ve seen that somewhere before…

After that, we continued with our #HandBrasUSA campaign (tweet us your pics @PBMorningShow), by welcoming Lauren Li from the state of Washington to add to our hand-bra daisy-chain. She gave us her own version of the push-up hand-bra and we added it to our growing list of possible styles.

handbra handbra2

Then, we jumped into the Lowell Down, where an expensive fur coat made of human chest hair is on the market. You know somewhere, one person is definitely like, “FINALLY!” Aside from that, we also heard about the Breaking Bad Beer, and other fascinating things from this crazy world of ours.

In the Mini Mansion today, we welcomed Flip Orley, who is a comedian and hypnotist, and is promoting shows this weekend and Flappers in both Claremont and Burbank. We then ushered in the unknowing Krissy, Amber, and Wendy to be put under his spell for a game we like to call…


HYPNOTITS! The ladies we put into a deep slumber and fell for a prank orchestrated by our own Kevin Klein…




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