Thursday 6/27/13

It’s Thirsty Thursday! That means, if you drink enough right now, the weekend is only a day away.

We kicked off the show today by talking to Mr. Skin! Skin had some doozies for us this week, including a couple celebs topless in public (one of them is Kate Upton on a horse, for real). He also gave hope out there to anyone in their fifties who still wants a rockin’ bod; it can be done!

From there, we continued in our Hand Bras Across America week, welcoming in Florida by having a Skype date with Rebecca Lynn. She gave us YET ANOTHER version of the hand bra. We didn’t know hands could be so versatile. Don’t forget to tweet @PBMorningShow with your pics and use the hashtag #HandBrasUSA. We only have one more day left to link this chain.



As the Supreme Court recently ruled that gay marriage is not unconstitutional, and with the reversal of Prop 8 here in California, we decided to have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned lesbian wedding. We wanted to bring together in holy matrimony the lovely Leia and Ruby, who are old pros on this show. Along with flower girls Cody and Brooke, they walked down the aisle and were joined by Chris Robinson (who you may recognize from such marriages as Hugh Hefner, Hef’s Brother, Kendra Wilkinson, Scott Baio, the list goes on…). After some brief marriage counseling from Kevin and Andrea, the ceremony went off without a hitch.


But! No wedding is complete without a bedding, as our good friends in Westeros like to say, so we saw the ladies off with the traditional chant of “Lick that hole!” and they both lived lesbian-y ever after.


ladies ladiesminister after

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