Friday 6/28/13

Happy Friday! Another week gone by, and we sent it off in style.

We started out with another one of our helpful Playboy Service Announcements, this one involving how to avoid VPL… visible panty line. It effects more people than you think.

Following that, we completed our Hand Bras Across America chain! With the help of Jes Marie in Maryland, our coast-to-coast hand-bra chain was linked! In celebration, we decided to premiere our music video later in the show.

jes jes2

Afterwards, we talked to Robin Leach over in the sweltering 120 degree Vegas heat. Michael Jackson and Terry Bradshaw shows are opening up this weekend and both involve singing and dancing. Can’t make this stuff up, people.

In the studio today, we welcomed Alyssa Arce, who is none other than Miss July 2013. This South Carolina native’s first interview was with us, and we took full advantage of that fact. We dove right into the Playmate Pick Six, and had Alyssa pick numbers off of Paula‘s hula hoop as they spun by.

alyssa1 alyssa hula

Finally, we welcomed in Kat and Krysten to join Paula in our salute to America with the debut of our Hand Bras Across America video! From C cup to shining C Cup, ladies locked arms and held breasts in a show of nationalistic pride like none other. But what USA celebration would be complete without a Hot Dog Fitting contest?? Forget the eating, we wanted to see how many hot dogs each lady could fit inside her mouth! It was hard to tell who won. No seriously. We don’t know.

prefitting fitting




We’re off next week! But we’ll be back with brand new shows in two, and hope to see ya then.


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