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Wednesday 7/31/13

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HI EVERYBODY! Hump day is here, let’s talk about it.

We started the show today with a call from Steve Bodansky, whose book “Extended Massive Orgasm” is now out in the second edition. If you want to orgasm for, like, three hours, check it out. If not, yes you do.

Next , we welcomed in Chelsie, Jenni, Stacy, and Nicole to talk about when their last orgasm was, and how they sound when they fake it.


After that, we welcomed in mysterious rapper NoFace Shadowmen, who is an erotic funk musician… whose face nobody has ever seen.



Noface talked about his music, but more importantly, helped us to judge the O-Face comepetition. The ladies gave their best fake orgasm, and then the best were judged. For round two, we brought in John and Michelle Walters, who are a husband and wife pair of masseuses from Elysium Massage right here in Burbank.


The ladies had to concentrate on list-style questions while getting distracted by relaxing massage in a segment we’re calling “Happy Endings.” But there’s always a happy ending here in the Mini Mansion, right?

massage after afterall

Tuesday 7/30/13

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It’s Topless Tuesday here at the Playboy Morning Show! Let’s check it out…

We started this hour of madness today by reminding everyone to stay safe and don’t get stuck in handcuffs. Calls to the fire department to get people unstuck are on the rise, and nobody wants to be THAT guy. You’ll never live it down.

Next, we met some of the ladies in our lovely hallway to start off Topless Tuesday with a bang… well, maybe a “flash” would be more appropriate.

From there, Kevin and Andrea blindfolded each other (miraculously without poking out any eyeballs), and we welcomed in our “Mystery Playmate.” They asked this unknown beauty a series of questions to try and guess where she was from…



As it happens, she turned out to be Khloe Terae! She’s Miss August 2013 in Venezuela (along with four other countries’ issues in past and upcoming months), and she’s of Canadian and Dutch descent. Kevin and Andrea actually got it right!


Finally, we welcomed in Krista, Molly, Kimberly to join Khloe in our Playboy Training Camp. Football season is right around the corner, and we decided if the boys are all practicing, our ladies should be just as limbered up; we don’t want anyone to pull anything (too hard). We had the ladies do some fancy footwork, tackle and mount, and test their panty-throwing accuracy all in an attempt to get them ready for their future modeling endevours.


panty khloe2 khloeandrea allladiez

Monday 7/29/13

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Howdy, ya’ll! It’s Monday, and that means everybody’s back to work, including us. If you call what we do “work.”

We kicked off the show today by checking out the first part in our new series we’re lovingly calling “Nakations.” Beautiful women run through exotic landscapes while crazy things go on around them. It must be summer.

After that, we moved right into Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories from a pizza shop giving a breastfeeding woman the boot, a cop taking naked selfies at work, and getting naked in a community pool. But, that’s not all! We decided to bring in three sexy ladies to act these stories out, you know, to help us get a better “feel” for it.

After that, we moved on to our “Hot Girls, Hot Wings” segment, in honor of National Chicken Wing Day, which is a thing, apparently. We welcomed back in Cody, Taylor, and Lauren to spin the wheel of hot to determine what amount of spice their wings would have. That’s one way to wake up.

wheel after

Friday 7/26/13

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Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is here, so let’s roll on through.

We started by checking in with the Out-Takes from our fake AT&T commercials, just to prove to you all that we like to have fun here, too… Sometimes.

On the phone with us today, we had the inventor of the “Happy Ride,” which is a bicycle seat that vibrates. It’s in the UK, but they are willing to ship state-side! We thought that this needed a sort of visual, so we built our own prototype here in the studio for our ladies to ride. Woman tested, woman approved.


From there, we ran through the Week In Sex, where we found out that sex addiction may be made up after all, and that most adults have had sex in their cars. Go figure.

We also talked on the phone with Nick, who is the recent winner of Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis contest. We asked him exactly what he won ($200), how he found out about it (craigslist), and exactly how small it is (around 4 inches). So now you know.

Finally, we got to another Battle of the Babes, where we brought back Canon to take on Lisa and Carly to see who is the top babe. We only had enough time for the mental and sexual rounds today, and that’s all we needed, because Lisa was crowned with our Top Babe Tiara, and will come back to fight again next week!



Thursday 7/25/13

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It’s Thursday! Let’s go through the show and get through the day.

We started the show today by reminding everyone (especially aspiring politicians whose name may be a euphemism for genitalia) to keep the sexting to the ladies! No one wants to see your weiner.

Next, we talked to Mr. Skin, who counted down the final top 10 of his freakiest sex scenes in all of movie-dom. Check out the list on his site… we can’t even begin to try and describe these things. Just… wow.

Following that, we welcomed in Angel, who is a blowjob expert, who has a new DVD coming out soon. We chatted with her about how she found and developed her talents and what it is that keeps her travelling around giving seminars.


But! It wouldn’t be a full show if we didn’t pass on some of Angel’s knowledge to some sexy ladies. We brought in Lauren, Shannon, and Chloe to grab a vegetable and go to town.




Wednesday 7/24/13

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Happy Hump Day! Does anyone ever actually call it that?

We had a great show for you today and it started with a little voicemail from Cookie Monster, which was pretty much what you’d expect. We also checked in with another one of our “Sexier is Better” ads. Wow, for something so simple, we sure have a lot of those lying around.

Next, we welcomed in our special guest Adam Carolla, who is promoting a movie that YOU (yes, you!) can help get made. Check out his crowd-sourcing site and check some of the sweet prizes that different donations get you. It’s a movie called “Road Hard,” which follows the life of an old touring comedian.


We helped him out with a little Tel-a-thong of our own, where we had sexy ladies Kim, Leia, Hailie, and Alisha answering phones and moving that number closer to the million he’s trying to raise.

After chatting a bit with Adam, we played a nice round of “ASS seen on TV,” where Kevin, Andrea, and Adam all tried to guess whether the name they hear is an infomercial product or the name of a Porno. It’s probably the hardest game we ever play.

Finally, to end the show, we had the ladies come in and try out a few parts for Adam’s movie and see if they’re cut out for an acting gig…




Tuesday 7/23/13

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Howdy! Topless Tuesday is here! Let’s get naked!!

We started this awesome, jam-packed show today by fielding a call from Nick from, who is trying his best to save the Playboy Club TV show.  Join the movement!

From there, we checked out our “Sexier is Better” brand of commercials, asking girls what they think is the better sexual option.  It’s not complicated.

After that, we welcomed in our lovely Miss August 2013, Val Keil, who is the second half of the double issue of Playboy Magazine for July/August. The Philly native’s dream is to pole dance… and we’re all about making dreams reality. So! We wheeled in a stripper pole (we just happened to have one lying around), and let her go to town; she’s a natural.



We next moved on to our Playmate Pick Six, where Val did her best to answer our plethora of queries about her personal life. She did extremely well, it’s almost like she knows herself super well or something…


Finally, we welcomed in our three super sexy babysitters Terra, Tania, and Christine to compete against one another in the Topless Talent, Make-a-Lunch, and Questionnaire rounds to see who was the top sitter.