Monday 7/8/13

Happy Monday, folks! We’re back and it feels so good. Let’s check on what we did on the show today, shallll we?

We started off the hour by kicking off Nude Recreation Week! All week we’ll be celebrating activities inspired by Nudist Colonies and things you can do in the nude and possibly outside (depending on who’s watching). To start things off, we invited in Mariela, Lauren, and Ruby to participate in our Naked Hopscotch. Bouncy activities are the best activities.


After that, we did our Filthy Forecast, with three different cities represented, and all of them were hot hot hot (in more ways than one).

From there, we moved on to our old stand-by Good Naked/Bad Naked, and started what could become a new tradition here in the Mini Mansion: recreations! We tried to sexy-up some of the more unsavory stories ourselves, like a naked bike ride, and a roadside boobie shake-down.


To finish everything off, we had the ladies come back into the studio and receive some Andrea-style spankings for the naughty things they did over the long weekend.




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