Wednesday 7/10/13

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll. We had a jam-packed show today, so let’s get ‘r dun…

We started the show off today by continuing our week-long Nude Recreation Celebration by having our sexy ladies make some pucker-inducing lemonade. We brought in Emily Rose, Katie, Chelsea, and Krissy to mix together their ingredients and see who came up with the most refreshing glass of summer-time lemonade.


After that, we premiered our own Masturbation PSA video, with footage from a PSA that was released in the ’70’s. We used half the dialogue and then added our own in order to sexify it up. Look out for more of those coming up very soon.

From there, we welcomed in our very special guest Chicken Charlie, who hosts a slew of restaurants at fairs all around Southern California. He’s famous for his original deep-fried fare and he brought a plethora of plates in for us to try.

charlie charliecook

We were sucking down this food so fast that we thought we might choke! Which is why we decided to sexify your CPR! We had our lovely ladies come back in, and demonstrate the best way to get their airways open.


Almost all done with this week, keep holding on and deep-frying your problems away.


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