Thursday 7/11/13

It’s Thirsty Thursday! Heed the call, have a ball.

We started the show today by teasing our limbo contest that will be coming up later in the show, so stay tuned.

Next, we talked with Mr. Skin, who brought to our attention the fact that “Kentucky Fried Movie” is out on Blu-Ray and has some real good knockers in it. Also out now is the film “Spring Breakers,” which features four beautiful teenies and one not-so-beautiful James Franco. But you take what you get.

Next, we welcomed in four lovely school-girls (ADULTS, MIND YOU) who would be participating in our Ca-Rear Day today. We met Woo, Mary Jane, Lindsey, and Leia, who were decked out in skirts and glasses, and were more than eager to get to asking questions of our guests…


Our first guest was Germany Playboy Model (Miss February) Helen de Muro. Her English may not be perfect, but we don’t care. Even a little bit.


Next up, we had KaptN, who’s about to explode onto the dance floor scene with his two singles, “Juice” and “Ricky Ricardo.” Check out his videos online, you’ll thank us later.


Finally, we had fellow German model Jordan Carver round out the panel (and we do intend the pun there). Jordan is a Yoga expert and business woman, but you don’t need to take our word for it, check out this headstand:


Once all the pertinent questions were asked, we got to our Nude Recreation… LIMBO! The Germans played Limbo masters while KaptN took the best seat in the house and we limbo-ed out the hour.

limbo limbo2





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