Friday 7/12/13

Happy Friday, everybody! We had a packed show, so let’s take you into the weekend.

We started with looking at our final Masturbation PSA… or so we thought. It turned out we had one more featuring Kevin (and a cameo at the end by Andrea). TMI, guys… TMI.

In another final showdown today, we wrapped up Nude Recreation Week with the best possible nude activity… Skinny Dipping. We welcomed in Daniela and Krysten to get in our fake balloon water and splash around.


We then ran through the Week In Sex, and broke down what went on this week in our crazy sexy world. But right after that! We had a whole slew of guests to bring in…

Entering the Mini Mansion were Big Percy, Daylyric, and Mac Lucci of RMM, who were promoting Big Percy’s Birthday Party in Hollywood this weekend. Since the rappers were in our midst, we thought it’d be best to have another Hip-Hop Hottie contest. We welcomed back in Daniela and Krysten, and introduced Destiny and Dacey to compete in Nip-Hop-related activities, like car washing, rapping, and twerking for the weekend.

car caragain



In the end, reigning champ Destiny and newcomer Daniela were tied for the new crown.

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