Monday 7/15/13

It’s Monday! Feeling blah? We’ve got the cure:

We kicked off the show today by taking a look at yet another Playboy Service Announcement, this week with “sexting.” Our campaign? Leave it to the ladies.

Moving on to more somber things, we learned of the passing of a legend last week. Chuck Foley, inventor of Twister has sadly left us, but the game he created lives on at sexy parties all over the world. For that great man, we celebrated by playing Tit-ster with Sarah and Amber. It’s a lot like Twister, but is legally distinct… because we played with stickers on naked women. Rest in Peace. Left hand heart.


Next, we moved on to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where our theme was outdoor nakedness, like a neighbor in a pool, and a man at the beach. But, we also heard a story about waxing, and we thought to make bad into good by welcoming in hot lady Cody and waxer Misty Saffore to do a live waxing! Ouch. Just ouch.



Finally, we welcomed back Sarah and Amber to join Cody, along with Paula to play a quick round of Truth or Bare. It’s a lot like To Tell the Truth, but like so many things on our show, ours is better because it involves boobies.





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