Tuesday 7/16/13

Happy Topless Tuesday! We celebrated accordingly, did you?

We started the show today with another one of our fantastic “Sexting…Leave it to the Ladies” Playboy Service Announcements. Auto-correct affects us all, it’s time to stand up.

From there, we also checked in on our impact around the world. We feel like we’ve been big proponents of twerking since the beginning, and to prove our reach in this realm of dance, we showed the last age bracket to fall to this trend: the elderly. It’s true. It’s happened. It’s official.

We also got our sexy ladies, Samantha, Erika, Jenni, and Chelsie to introduce themselves and their own measurements in our lovely white hallway to celebrate Topless Tuesday.


The ladies came in to practice for our upcoming game of Playboy Feud, where our models would be taking on strippers from The Horse, which is a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas. We thought our ladies needed a bit of help, so we let them do a quick round before the strippers got in.

In order to get to know their opponent better, we brought in their publicist Alexis to answer some questions they had about the stripping lifestyle. Very informative.

Finally, we brought in a gaggle?… pack?…murder? of strippers? We don’t know what you call a group of strippers. Anyway there were a bunch of them in today to participate in a single do-or-die round of Playboy Feud for all the bragging marbles. After a quick start from our girls, the strippers pulled further and further away and won the round in exciting fashion.






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