Wednesday 7/17/13

Happy Hump Day, folks. It’s the middle of the week, so let’s get goin’ on the downhill.

We started today off by checking in with a bar in Texas called “Redneck Heaven” that is no longer allowing bodypaint and pasties to be used as suitable clothing. For shame.

Following that, we gave you another great Sexting Playboy Service Announcement, wherein we beg the male populace to leave it to the (very capable) hands of ladies. Men are just making a mess of the whole thing, and it’s got to stop.

We get lots of e-mails from you guys, so keep ’em comin’. We finally checked our “Fe-mail” today with the help of the lovely Maria, and Andrea and Kevin got to the bottom of some things viewers (JUST LIKE YOU) were itching to know.

Next, we Skyped with the beautiful Kella Dawn, who’s all the way over in Illinois, in order to do another rousing Sexy Skype-enger hunt. Kella actually tied the record by the end, and for that, we congratulate her.


Finally, we welcomed in Wendi and Molly to join Maria on the couch for a round of the longest running naked game show in the universe, Know It or Show It. The categories today revolved around Jenny McCarthy, Baseball, and Royalty, and even though the girls started off with less clothing than usual, they ended with about as much as normal.

couch after

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