Thursday 7/18/13

Thirsty Thursday! Excuse to drink! But first this!:

We started off the show by checking in with Mr. Skin, with all things celebrity nudity. Netflix series, TV shows, Old movies, everything is covered, but nothing is covered up. We also asked Skin to share with us some lovely movie nudity from disaster flicks, as our show today will be covering all things angry mother nature. Be sure to scour his site for more info on those.

Next, we checked out one of our new parody AT&T videos, showing you that it’s not that complicated to enjoy our show. Ain’t it cute?

After that, we brought the girls in to share with us some of their own sexy natural disaster stories. Sedona, Katrina, Kat, and Chloe all came and sat on the couch to expose some of their more dangerous sexual encounters involving the elements. You could write a movie based around all of them. Seriously.

Speaking of that, on the phone we talked to Anthony C. Ferrante, director of a film that is literally blowing up right now… entitled “Sharknado.” We really wanted to get into the mind of the man who made this crazy tale come to life, and what can be expected from “Sharknado 2”, which was just green-lit yesterday.

Since this film is so popular, and because we’re into tempting fate, we decided to base our show today around uncontrollable natural disasters and the movies that go so well with them. Our absurdly-long-titled film had everything from Poon-amis to Girth-quakes and snakes and gators… everything you can think of, and some things you can’t! We had our lovely models back in to act some scenes out for us and see if we had anything to go on. We hope so.


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