Friday 7/19/13

Happy Friday, folks! Weekend’s almost here, so let’s power on through.

So! We kicked off the show today by checking in with our lovely ladies in the make-up room as they practice for twerking for the weekend. We don’t want anyone to pull anything, so limber up.

From there, we went into the Week In Sex, where stories like Kosher lube and getting your head stuck in bars during sex are par for the course (that pun will make more sense later).


After that, we moved on to our Battle of the Babes: age you lost your V-card edition! We welcomed in the super sexy Canon, Britney, and Nicole to compete in three rounds: sexual, physical, and mental. It was a back and forth battle, but CANON will be moving on to the next round to take on some more babes next week.

putt girls airsex

Lastly, it was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our dear friend Jaron. We played a Jaron-tage of his greatest moments, and sent him off the only way we know how… with hot naked ladies. We salute you, sir. God speed.


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