Monday 7/22/13

It’s the start of a new week, and we’re leading off in style…

We started the show today by checking in with our “Sexier is Better” campaign, and making sure that everyone knows how to keep it simple.

Following that, it was time for some Good Naked/Bad Naked, this week with a twist: we’d be recreating ALL of the Nakeds, good and bad. We heard about the naked headlight smasher, the Facebook creeper, and some sexy baristas, all of which we made come to life here in the Mini Mansion.

After that, we welcomed into the studio Mike and Holli, who are part of the Playboy family, and host of “Swing” and “Swing Nightcap: Live.” We talked to them about the “lifestyle” and exactly what it means to date as a couple.



To bring the show home, we played a quick game of Swinging Swingers, where Krystin, Katie, Wendy, and Amber all stepped up to the plate and took a swing. The further they hit, the further they go with another lady…




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