Tuesday 7/23/13

Howdy! Topless Tuesday is here! Let’s get naked!!

We started this awesome, jam-packed show today by fielding a call from Nick from playboyclublivs.com, who is trying his best to save the Playboy Club TV show.  Join the movement!

From there, we checked out our “Sexier is Better” brand of commercials, asking girls what they think is the better sexual option.  It’s not complicated.

After that, we welcomed in our lovely Miss August 2013, Val Keil, who is the second half of the double issue of Playboy Magazine for July/August. The Philly native’s dream is to pole dance… and we’re all about making dreams reality. So! We wheeled in a stripper pole (we just happened to have one lying around), and let her go to town; she’s a natural.



We next moved on to our Playmate Pick Six, where Val did her best to answer our plethora of queries about her personal life. She did extremely well, it’s almost like she knows herself super well or something…


Finally, we welcomed in our three super sexy babysitters Terra, Tania, and Christine to compete against one another in the Topless Talent, Make-a-Lunch, and Questionnaire rounds to see who was the top sitter.





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