Wednesday 7/24/13

Happy Hump Day! Does anyone ever actually call it that?

We had a great show for you today and it started with a little voicemail from Cookie Monster, which was pretty much what you’d expect. We also checked in with another one of our “Sexier is Better” ads. Wow, for something so simple, we sure have a lot of those lying around.

Next, we welcomed in our special guest Adam Carolla, who is promoting a movie that YOU (yes, you!) can help get made. Check out his crowd-sourcing site and check some of the sweet prizes that different donations get you. It’s a movie called “Road Hard,” which follows the life of an old touring comedian.


We helped him out with a little Tel-a-thong of our own, where we had sexy ladies Kim, Leia, Hailie, and Alisha answering phones and moving that number closer to the million he’s trying to raise.

After chatting a bit with Adam, we played a nice round of “ASS seen on TV,” where Kevin, Andrea, and Adam all tried to guess whether the name they hear is an infomercial product or the name of a Porno. It’s probably the hardest game we ever play.

Finally, to end the show, we had the ladies come in and try out a few parts for Adam’s movie and see if they’re cut out for an acting gig…




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