Friday 7/26/13

Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is here, so let’s roll on through.

We started by checking in with the Out-Takes from our fake AT&T commercials, just to prove to you all that we like to have fun here, too… Sometimes.

On the phone with us today, we had the inventor of the “Happy Ride,” which is a bicycle seat that vibrates. It’s in the UK, but they are willing to ship state-side! We thought that this needed a sort of visual, so we built our own prototype here in the studio for our ladies to ride. Woman tested, woman approved.


From there, we ran through the Week In Sex, where we found out that sex addiction may be made up after all, and that most adults have had sex in their cars. Go figure.

We also talked on the phone with Nick, who is the recent winner of Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis contest. We asked him exactly what he won ($200), how he found out about it (craigslist), and exactly how small it is (around 4 inches). So now you know.

Finally, we got to another Battle of the Babes, where we brought back Canon to take on Lisa and Carly to see who is the top babe. We only had enough time for the mental and sexual rounds today, and that’s all we needed, because Lisa was crowned with our Top Babe Tiara, and will come back to fight again next week!



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