Monday 7/29/13

Howdy, ya’ll! It’s Monday, and that means everybody’s back to work, including us. If you call what we do “work.”

We kicked off the show today by checking out the first part in our new series we’re lovingly calling “Nakations.” Beautiful women run through exotic landscapes while crazy things go on around them. It must be summer.

After that, we moved right into Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories from a pizza shop giving a breastfeeding woman the boot, a cop taking naked selfies at work, and getting naked in a community pool. But, that’s not all! We decided to bring in three sexy ladies to act these stories out, you know, to help us get a better “feel” for it.

After that, we moved on to our “Hot Girls, Hot Wings” segment, in honor of National Chicken Wing Day, which is a thing, apparently. We welcomed back in Cody, Taylor, and Lauren to spin the wheel of hot to determine what amount of spice their wings would have. That’s one way to wake up.

wheel after

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