Tuesday 7/30/13

It’s Topless Tuesday here at the Playboy Morning Show! Let’s check it out…

We started this hour of madness today by reminding everyone to stay safe and don’t get stuck in handcuffs. Calls to the fire department to get people unstuck are on the rise, and nobody wants to be THAT guy. You’ll never live it down.

Next, we met some of the ladies in our lovely hallway to start off Topless Tuesday with a bang… well, maybe a “flash” would be more appropriate.

From there, Kevin and Andrea blindfolded each other (miraculously without poking out any eyeballs), and we welcomed in our “Mystery Playmate.” They asked this unknown beauty a series of questions to try and guess where she was from…



As it happens, she turned out to be Khloe Terae! She’s Miss August 2013 in Venezuela (along with four other countries’ issues in past and upcoming months), and she’s of Canadian and Dutch descent. Kevin and Andrea actually got it right!


Finally, we welcomed in Krista, Molly, Kimberly to join Khloe in our Playboy Training Camp. Football season is right around the corner, and we decided if the boys are all practicing, our ladies should be just as limbered up; we don’t want anyone to pull anything (too hard). We had the ladies do some fancy footwork, tackle and mount, and test their panty-throwing accuracy all in an attempt to get them ready for their future modeling endevours.


panty khloe2 khloeandrea allladiez

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