Wednesday 7/31/13

HI EVERYBODY! Hump day is here, let’s talk about it.

We started the show today with a call from Steve Bodansky, whose book “Extended Massive Orgasm” is now out in the second edition. If you want to orgasm for, like, three hours, check it out. If not, yes you do.

Next , we welcomed in Chelsie, Jenni, Stacy, and Nicole to talk about when their last orgasm was, and how they sound when they fake it.


After that, we welcomed in mysterious rapper NoFace Shadowmen, who is an erotic funk musician… whose face nobody has ever seen.



Noface talked about his music, but more importantly, helped us to judge the O-Face comepetition. The ladies gave their best fake orgasm, and then the best were judged. For round two, we brought in John and Michelle Walters, who are a husband and wife pair of masseuses from Elysium Massage right here in Burbank.


The ladies had to concentrate on list-style questions while getting distracted by relaxing massage in a segment we’re calling “Happy Endings.” But there’s always a happy ending here in the Mini Mansion, right?

massage after afterall

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