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Friday 8/30/13

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Happy Friday, folks! Labor Day is just around the corner, and we had a great show to send you off.

We started things off by talking with Robin Leach, and wishing him a very happy birthday the only way we know how: birthday spankings. Unfortunately Robin wasn’t in the studio with us, but he did have a couple of stand-ins who took his birthday gift for him…

Following that, we finished up our Back 2 School lesson plan by talking about Anatomy. Our teacher this morning had a lovely body model with her as we went through all the erogenous zones.


Next, we ran through the Week In Sex, and found out why it’s not good to be Kim Jong-Un’s booty call, and why you shouldn’t fingerbang someone in a public park. Seems pretty straight forward on our end.

After a quick break, we welcomed in Playmate Jaslyn Ome, who is Miss April 2013, to be a guest judge on our “Back to School Supply Fashion Show!” We welcomed in Cody, Kimberly, and Carly to the studio decked out in clothes made from all things Back to School.



Quickly before signing off we did our first Titty Pick of the football season for the first game of the season, next week Thursday and the consensus is that the Broncos are going to beat out the Ravens.

We’re off next week, but we’ll be back on Monday the 9th!

Thursday 8/29/13

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Happy Throwrack Thursday, ya’ll! Let’s get to it.

Today, we began things by talking with our buddy Mr. Skin on the phone, and looking at the nice celebrity butts he sent to us. Besides Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the VMA’s, he also brought us Kristen Bell in “The Lifeguard” among other naked stars.

After that, it was time to continue our Back 2 School sessions, and today the subject was Science. Now whenever anyone thinks of science, the first thing that comes to mind is usually volcano experiments… so that’s what we did! Our teacher Jenni came in, and we found out that volcanos have a lot of phallic imagery that goes along with them. Who knew?


Following school, we brought in Samantha to read our Fe-Mail from our hot box. She pulled out letters asking Andrea what makes her “horngry,” and we got to take a sneak peek at the Playboy Video Game in the works. It’s pretty sweet.

After a short break, we welcomed in Kyle Keller, who is gracing season five of “Tough Love” on VH1. Kyle dished on being love-lorn and what it’s like to be in a long-term, long-distance relationship.


We figured that since she’s having such a tough time with finding someone, that maybe she should give our girls a try! We brought in the super sexy Jenni, Samantha, and Gigi to all fight for the heart of Kyle, and see if maybe they couldn’t tickle her fancy… among other things.

andreakyle after

Wednesday 8/28/13

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Hump Day is here! We had a great show for you today, so let’s get to it.

We started the show today by continuing our Back 2 School learning sessions. Today’s subject is Geography, and we here in America could sure use some help with that. SO! We brought in Canon to help us get to know California’s (and her) curves.

geographyclothes geography

After that, we welcomed in comedian Ian Edwards, who is a regular at the Laugh Factory here in Hollywood, and also has been a writer for SNL among other things. We talked his history growing up poor in Jamaica, and what it’s like to take hardship and turn it into hilarity.


While Ian was here, we figured it’d be as good a time as any to play another awesome round of “Name That Alleged Perv”! We brought up five pictures of ALLEGED pervs that have been ACCUSED of crimes (but not convicted) and tried to match the crime to the face.

After a short break, we played a game we like to call “Gratuity Nudity,” or “Just the Tip.” We read out certain situations and the girls tried to guess what the correct amount of tip would be. Every wrong answer, and they donate their clothes to the giant tip bucket we set up in the studio. Do you know how much to give a shoeshine? Do they exist anymore?

tips after

Tuesday 8/27/13

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Happy Topless Tuesday, folks! We had a great show for you today, with no tops to drag us down.

We began the show today by talking Toplessness… for equality. That’s right, one of the pioneers of, a group dedicated to women’s rights, Rachel Jessee joined us in the studio to talk about the group’s recent protest here in Venice Beach, California. We’re behind her 100%: a man can show his gross body on the beach, but a woman can’t show her glorious rack? Absurdity!


In order to help out the cause, we brought in some hot ladies of our own in order to provide her with some helpful ideas for chanting during their next protest. It all makes sense when you can hear the cries and see the bounce at the same time.

After that, we continued our Back 2 School segment with a little history lesson from our very own Ms. Purry. She took us through a time long ago in the year of our Lord two thousand and eight. Times were different back then, and we ended up learning quite a bit about the history of small dick syndrome.


We took a quick break, and then came back to welcome in Diana Branton of CFX, who are featured in this month’s issue of Playboy. They make some kick-ass realistic masks, and she brought two in to show to us. Halloween ideas are already starting to form…


dianamask maskies

Finally, to round everything out, we played a little game we like to call “Witness Erection Program,” where the ladies came in wearing some of OUR masks (like a chicken, luchador, etc.) and tried to fool us into hiding their identity based on stories they gave us.


After the show, as a special treat, Kevin put on one of the masks! And by special treat, we mean nightmare fuel…

kevmask kevdiana

Monday 8/26/13

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Hey everybody! It’s the start of a new week, which means we have a new bits and nice tits.

We began the show today by going back to school. If you’re a student, that’s bad news, if you’re a parent, it’s the best news. Either way, it’s happening. So all this week, we’re featuring some Back 2 School knowledge to get you back into learning shape. Today’s lesson was Math, and if you gained anything from what was taught, you’ve got bigger problems.


After that, it was time for Good Naked/Bad Naked! We ran through the news stories that featured naked civilians, and we recreated them with naked professionals.

Next, we welcomed in Martin Riese, who is a dihydrogen-monoxide expert. (It’s water). This sommelier gave us 6 different types of water to taste and see if we can tell which is the high-end stuff, and what comes from the tap.

waterboycouch waterboy

In order to fully appreciate the vast uses of water and the effect it has on the human body… we welcomed in Sasha and Molly to demonstrate on their plain white t-shirts how each water fared in exposing the nipple. After careful testing and deliberation, it was clear…. literally.


Martin 2

Martin 1

Friday 8/23/13

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Happy Freaky Friday! Or is it Frisky Friday? Either way, the weekend’s here, yayy!

We started the show today by chatting with Robin Leach of, to try and entice you into taking a little weekend trip to Sin City. Mike Tyson’s going theatrical, and Claire Sinclair is still hanging out. Feel like checking it out? Dooo it!

From there, we continued our Food and Wine Breastival for its final installment. We had a special treat for you to mark the occasion, in the form of Nookie Cookies. Lisa and Melody, our sexy models, came in and showed us just how to make this old family recipe. They used our lovely announcer du jour Nicole’s naked body to heat up these balls of dough, and they got made in just a few seconds! Look at that.

cookies breastival

After a quick break, we brought it back by introducing Tenille Houston from the new film “The Canyons.” She chatted it up on what it was like to film a sex scene in a movie, and how much she enjoyed working with Lindsey Lohan AND porn star James Deen.


Finally, it’s time for another down n’ dirty Battle of the Babes. Five-time reigning champ Lisa is back and readier than ever to take on our challenger, Melody. After a few quick rounds, Lisa did the impossible again and came out on top.

photo 222


Thursday 8/22/13

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Happy Throw-Rack Thursday! We’re trying it out, as our lovely announcer girl Chloe so awesomely demonstrated.


We started things off today by talking to Mr. Skin, who’s back from vacation this week, and we have missed him so. He talked to us as if no time had went by at all, and even had some naked Lindsey Lohan to show us how much he missed being on the air. Aww!


We continued on with our Food and Wine Breastival right after that, and today we had some “finger food” in the form of hand-picked Bruschetta! Our ladies got the ingredients right out of the plants here in the studio, and showed us how to make that perfect pre-orgasm treat.

Following that, we brought in Kyle and Paul, who are two love-lorn lads who are having the chance to participate in our U-F-C, or Ultimate F___-ing Championship. The first round is Ultimate Flirting, where the two gentlemen would have a chance to woo the costumed ladies in our own Playboy Sex-agon Ring. Kyle was declared the winner, so he got to stick around and get ridiculed further.

After a short break, we came back to welcome in Urijah Faber, the famous “California Kid” of the UFC league. We chatted with Urijah quickly and then brought back our ladies for the rounds of Ultimate Feather-Tickling, Ultimate Fellatio, and Ultimate Fondling. If you want to sponsor us, our girls have lots of open real estate for logos.


ring couch


Wednesday 8/21/13

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Happy Hump Day, ya’ll! What’s up? How’s it hanging? Let’s go through our showww!

We started things off today by talking with our fabulous announcer gal Krystin about whether or not she has a court date on our show today. There was some discrepancy… we’ll have to seeee….

From there, we continued on to our week-long Food and Wine Brestival! Today’s Breast-ipe came to us courtesy of Ava, Sarah, and Amber, and featured HONEY. Nice, sticky, golden honey. And boobies. The ladies shared their personal recipe for boobie-dipped honey covered in things like cereal, crackers, nuts, and gummi bears. It sounds simple, but that’s what makes it so good, ya feel me?

After that, we welcomed Shanna McLaughlin in via Skype. You may remember Shanna from the July 2010 Playboy pages, and you may also remember that she’s a huge Seinfeld fan. We bring that up because we also welcomed into the studio Mr. Jackie Chiles, the famous lawyer from Seinfeld. Jackie dropped some knowledge bombs on Kevin and Shanna as they went head-to-head in a Seinfeld trivia contest.



We then went to a quick break, and when we came back we chatted with Jackie about his new “Sue the Bears” campaign for Jim Beam Honey. For every tweet with the hashtag “#suethebears”, Jim Beam is going to donate $100 dollars (up to $25K) to a pro-bee charity that is doing research on why so many bees are disappearing.

Finally, Sarah and Amber came in to plead their personal threesome case in Playboy Court, with Jackie representing the plaintiff. Judge Lowell found in favor of the plaintiff, and awarded her her job back. Justice is served.





Tuesday 8/20/13

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It’s Topless Tuesday! Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life, so start it topless. You know, just to jazz things up.

Our wonderful announcer Kim started things off with a bang, and we began the Topless Tuesday festivities by meeting Sierra, Sandra, and Alex in our lovely white hallway to show off their bra-losing skills.

Peppered throughout the show today, we had a plethora of interesting tips all involving breasts! (How apropos of our Topless Tuesday, riiight?) We found out that staring at boobs makes you live longer AND fights cancer (like you needed another reason anyway), and that men who prefer smaller boobs also seem to prefer not having kids.  So now you know.

Following all that, we brought the gals in to continue our Food and Wine Breast-ival, which we’re doing all this week. Today we’re showing you how to make “Lady Fingers.” If that sounds more than a tad suggestive to you, CONGRATULATIONS, we thought the same thing. So! We had our ladies use frosting and their actual fingers (and nipples, because why not) and raspberries to show you, the viewer, how to make the perfect Lady Finger. Lady not included.


After a short break, we brought into the studio Earl Skakel, who is a funny comedian. Earl talked to us about the time he snuck into the Playboy Mansion, and then it was time for a quick round of “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” We sent Earl and his girl out to the hall to get coached, and had one girl be all on her lonesome. When they got brought back in, we heard their jokes, and got the same results as always: leave it to the PROS!

earl topless

Monday 8/19/13

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Happy Monday, folks! Here’s to another brand-spanking new week.

We started off the show today by checking in with another installment of our weekly Good Naked/Bad Naked. We heard stories of people without clothing, and our models Kat, Mary Jane, and Mariela recreated them in a way sexier manner.

Following that, we kicked off our Food & Wine Breastival, with a good old fashioned grape stomp. Kat and Mariela stepped into the vat of grapes and mashed us up some white and red wine. It’s harder than we thought…

buckets grape

Next,  we brought in Steve Byrne and Ahmed Ahmed from the hilarious show “Sullivan & Son” on TBS, which is airing it’s season finale this Thursday. We chatted with the guys a bit, and then welcomed back in the ladies for a round of Playboy Feud! Since the teams were a little uneven, we sent our announcer du jour Erika over to the guys’ side, and had us a very interesting little matchup.

couch feud