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Thursday 8/1/13

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Happy Thirsty Thursday and also First of August, folks! 2013 is already over halfway done. That’s crazy.

We started the show today by talking to Mr. Skin about the best in this week’s celebrity nudity. We heard about Lindsey Lohan’s upcoming flick, some promising episodes of “True Blood,” and even that one lady who was down in the hole in “Silence of the Lambs.” Something for everybody (and we mean everybody…)

After that we checked in with another Nakation, this time in the African Safari. Is it just us, or are these things getting more dangerous?

Next, we talked on the phone with Bobby Moynihan of SNL fame, about his web series “The Side Car.” It’s going to be part of Youtube’s Geek Week’s Super Wednesday. If you don’t have internet… then how are you reading this??


Finally, we welcomed in Sal Polisi, an ex-mob informant and ex-member of the Witness Protection Program, who’s promoting a new show on Nat Geo about the American Mafia. We’d say more, but we don’t want our collective balls to get cut off.


We then brought in our lovely models Samantha, Stephanie, and Lexy to come in and participate in our “Innocent Until Proven Filthy” segment, where they vehemently deny sexy stories and we try to determine exactly who is innocent… and who is filthy.