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Friday 8/2/13

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Happy Friday, ya’ll! We made it through the week (barely), but we’ve got one more show to run through first.

We’re trying something new: having an announcer girl introduce the segments. Like Ed McMahon, except a little more sexy… just a little… Anyway! Today it was Woo!

We started the show off by talking to our pal Robin Leach, who’s back from vacation this week, and how we’ve missed him. Check out to see what’s up with Sin City this weekend!

Afterward, we checked in with another one of our Nakations, this one featuring a SHARKNADO! It was only a matter of time.

Following that, we brought in Corey Feldman, of “Goonies” and “Lost Boys” fame, with his Angels, to talk about his new video “Ascension Millenium,” which has over 250,000 views on Youtube already. Check it out!

coreyandangels corey

Finally, we brought in Linsdey and Lisa to fight it out during Battle of the Babes. We had some Feldman-themed sexual and physical rounds this week, and LISA once again came out on top, and will be back next week.


We finished this show as we do all Fridays… by twerking for the weekend!


angeltwerk coreylessladies coreyandladies after