Monday 8/5/13

It’s Monday! Bad news is that it’s the start of a new work week. The good news is that means a new week of our show!

We started the show off today by diving into the depths of Andrea’s phone to find sexy photos snapped in private. Time to get a new phone passcode… again.

Next, we brought in Jennifer Vaughn, who’s our cybergirl of the year this year! We talked to her a bit in person, just because we usually use Skype and didn’t believe our eyes.

After that, we went through the Good Naked/Bad Naked of the following week. We brought four news stories to life with the help of our lovely ladies Leia, Ruby, Sierra, and Jennifer. We covered everything from driving naked to breaking and entering naked; nothing was safe.

Following a short break, we brought in Matt McMullen, who is the owner and creator of Real Dolls, which takes the concept of a love doll to the extreme, making some of the most lifelike dolls you’ve ever seen. To prove just how lifelike, we brought in the model after whom the doll was crafted, Elektra Blue. Feel like you’re seeing double?



Finally, we brought the girls back in for a round of Real Doll or Real Girl?, where the ladies get blindfolded and try to use their sense of touch to see if they could differentiate between doll and woman.



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