Tuesday 8/6/13

Happy Topless Tuesday, everybody! We’re takin’ it off, and then puttin’ it on… TV.

So! We started the show today by meeting our beautiful ladies, Paula, Kat, Miranda, and Tawny, who all opened this special Topless Tuesday by eating a piece of fruit. A provocative piece of fruit (probably).

From there, we moved on to Titty Picking the Powerball. We like to do this from time to time whenever the winnings get up into the hundred millions, in the hopes that one of our loyal viewers/listeners (that’s you) will go out and win some money (and maybe send a little our way, right?). So, today we picked one set of numbers and tomorrow, we’ll pick another to give you double the chance with Andrea’s magic number-picking boobies.


We then welcomed in our guest today, Adrian Holmes, who is part of the new movie coming out this weekend, “Elysium.” We talked to him about his personal experiences working with Matty Damon, and whether Earth girls or Elysium girls are hotter.


After that, we asked the ladies to come in and share with Adrian some of their “Elysium” stories, where they got special treatment just for being hot babes. It is their gift… it is their curse.

Finally, we got back from the break and talked to a few of our “special” fans on the phones, and had our smokin’ hot girls ask them questions to see who’s the special-est of the special.




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