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Wednesday 8/7/13

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Hump Day. Hot Ladies. Playboy Morning Show. We don’t even need  verbs.

We started the show off today by running through our Powerball Pick! For the second consecutive day, we’re giving you our sexy luck with another Powerball number picked by beautiful ladies. We brought in Lindsey, Melody, Sascha, and Emily Rose to give each other mouth-to-ball-to-mouth and pass the numbers down the line, with Andrea titty picking the final number. It’s the best of both worlds, and we hope you win and send us some in thanks.


After that, we welcomed in Owen Smith, who is a comedian and will be at the Laugh Factory tomorrow here in Hollywood. With Owen, we played an old favorite here in the Mini Mansion: “Name That Alleged Perv”! We show mugshots of alleged pervs and try and guess what they (allegedly) did. These pictures are always worth a million words.



Finally, we welcomed the ladies back in to take part in “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?”, where Owen coached Melody on how to be funny, while Sascha was all on her own. After the showdown, we determined that sometimes the best do-ers… aren’t always the best teachers.