Thursday 8/8/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday! We hope you have a thirst, because you’ll definitely need it to wash this show down…

We started the show today by introducing our ladies Kate, Katie, Destiny, and Amber to talk about what their problems have been in the past with getting bras off. Because! On the phone with us today was Randy, who invented the Clap-Off Bra. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you clap, and the bra comes off.

So, we had our girls dream up their own “Bra-Ventions” and see what they would come up with to make a better, smarter bra.



Following that, we brought in Fat Sal and Josh from Fat Sal’s Deli. They brought with them a 25,000 calorie sandwich loving called the Big Fat Fatty, and we had our girls try to take it down in a segment we’re calling “Feastiality”! We could barely contain ourselves…




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