Friday 8/9/13

It’s Friday! Don’t forget to twerk all through the weekend.

We started the show today by introducing our awesome guest host while Kevin is in New York, Mark Long! Mark’s a long-time (pun intended) friend of the show, and we love it when he can stop by and help us out.

Once all the pleasantries were out of the way, we talked on the phone to Robin Leach, who’s giving us the run-down on the goings-on in Sin City this weekend. There’s an adult video award ceremony happening, so if you see more porn stars than usual, that’s probably why. There’s also a new club opening up called “Lair,” and we are very intrigued, so check out for more info.

Following that, we introduced our lovely ladies to join our announcer Maria in the studio. We welcomed in Lisa, Lauren, and Sarah to participate in a three-way Battle of the Babes! As the reigning champ Lisa sized up her opponents, we checked in with one of our “Tasty Tweets” segments, where we sex-ify tweets from some un-sexy people.

Afterwards, it was time for the battle to begin. The mental round was the old stand-by of Trampoline Trivia, followed by the physical round of Cream-kinis, where the girls make their own bikinis out of sundae toppings and whipped cream, and finally the sexual round, where they had to go to town on a jelly doughnut as provocatively as possible. In the end, Lisa wins in a dramatic fashion for the three-peat and will be joining us again next week. Do you think she can make it four in a row?





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