Monday 8/12/13

Hello, loyal listeners! It’s the start of a new week, and we’ve got your daily dose of nudity all lined up.

We started the show off today by reintroducing our guest host, who is continuing his run filling in for Kevin: Mark Long! We’re glad to have him back, and as payment, he went through Andrea’s phone for us and found some scandalous pictures. Aw, how sweet.

Next, we ran through our weekly Good Naked/Bad Naked stories, and had our lovely gals Wendy, Jenni, and Chelsie announce/reenact each of the events… completely nude! Pretty soon these girls will be ready to go off-off-off-off Broadway.

After that, we had a call from Joe LaGiglia (say that five times fast), who is representing, the website that lets you take out policies on your team’s players so that you get paid if they get injured. With over 35 million people playing fantasy sports here in America, we’re guessing this thing is really going to take off.

Finally, we came back from the break to talk to our lovely naked models again, and then had them participate in Playboy’s Picnic Games. But that’s not all! As national Underwear Day was just celebrated in New York, we figured that we could do one better with our “Down With Underwear” Day. What that means is the ladies played three-legged race, tug’o’war, and egg toss, all using bras and panties. That’s one way to spice up a barbecue.





group 1


group 3


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