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Tuesday 8/13/13

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Happy Topless Tuesday, everybody! Lose your shirts to celebrate.

We kicked things off today by introducing our new guest host: comedian Jo Koy. Jo’s filled in with us numerous times and we’re glad to have him be funny at us once again.


We then moved over to our Topless Tuesday celebration, where we introduced Charlotte, Lauren, and Tarra, who did not disappoint our traditions on this most sacred weekly holiday. We asked them their favorite sexual positions and then kicked them right back out to get ready to play a certain sexual game later on in the show…

From there, we brought up a video that explains some misconceptions about sex, through the use of statistics and food products. It’s a lot easier to digest facts that way. Wow. That pun was really bad. I apologize sincerely.

Anyway! Jo and Andrea broke down the video and gave their thoughts on different aspects of sexual proclivities based on the average numbers vs. what you see in porn. We like to educate as well as entertain here on the Playboy Morning Show.

Then it was time for a quick round of “Name That Poon,” where we play sound clips of women moaning and then Jo and Andrea have to guess the ethnicity of that girl. It’s way harder than we thought.

Finally, we brought our sexy models back into the room to play a rousing game of “Position Impossible.” The girls get a clue and then have to figure out the sexual position¬†using only their demonstrative skills (see: get into that position). It requires not only flexibility and endurance, but quick thinking and problem solving skills also. It’s a good metaphor for any sexual encounter, really.