Wednesday 8/14/13

Hump Day awaaaay!

Today, we started this here show by re-introducing you to our lovable host Kevin. You remember Kevin, right? Well he’s back from New York and has the pictures of dead rats to prove it. Seriously. Andrea got a bit of revenge today and went through Kevin’s phone and showed the world exactly what evidence is hidden beneath the apps.

After that, we checked in with our famous Playboy Party Jokes, featuring hot girls explaining why jokes are funny. Whether it’s to themselves or to us… is debatable.

Following all that craziness, we welcomed in funny man Jesus Trejo, who is rocking a combover despite being 26. He riffed on all things hair-related and his hilarity definitely showed through. We then welcomed in Stacy, Taylor, Samantha, and Carly, who Jesus, Andrea, and Kevin all then bet on in a game called “Coochie Casino.”



After the break, Jesus was working with Taylor, while Carly was on her own, and Samantha stuck around to give Kevin some bad news he got in the mail. Having bad news come from a hot girl softens the blow, but when you get a 788 dollar ticket… there’s no cure for that. Sorry, Kev. 😦

Finally, we quickly brought the girls back in with their jokes, and proved once again that when it comes to comedy, you should just leave it to the professionals.




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