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Thursday 8/15/13

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Hey, everybody! It’s Thirsty Thursday, and our show today will definitely make you want to drink. Oh, wait… that came out wrong…

With the help of our daily announcer Samantha, we began today by checking in with some sexy driving school tips, at the behest of Kevin, who needs to attend to keep his license. But if they had sexy ladies like Kimberly and Krista teaching the classes, maybe people would be more stoked to go.

After that, we checked in with another one of our fabulous Playboy Party Jokes. They’re “entertaining.”

Following the comedy, we Skype’d with our sexy Arizonian model, Shantal Monique. This sexy Skype-enger Hunt had an added twist: it was outside in her private pool! If you’re wondering if water and electronics mix, we had to cut our game a little short, as she cut out. If you’re reading this, Shantal, that means your computer is ok.

Finally, after our little break, we brought in legendary comedian Sinbad, to talk about his new stand-up film coming out in 500 select theaters all around the country. It’s called “Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla,” and it’s hilariously good. Check it out!